How to modify the subject line of automatic e-mails for TestDirector 8.0 ?

The subject line of automatic e-mail is constructed from the description of the defect that it is sending. In some cases, users would need to change that subject line because it might not suit their needs or some special characters cannot be displayed properly if they appear in the defect’s description. Can the subject line be modified through TestDirector?


•  The following solution does not work for manual mail.

Solution: Add a section to mercury.ini that will allow customization of Auto Mail

You can add a section to the mercury.ini file on the TestDirector server that will allow you to define the subject line of any automatic e-mail on a per project basis.

1. Click Start -> Run, type in mercury.ini and click <OK>. This will open the mercury.ini file in Notepad.

2. At the end of the file, add a section headed [SAQFORMAT]. Under that section you can define the subject line for each project using the following format:

   Project Name = Subject line



TestDirector_Demo = This mail was sent from the TestDirector_Demo project

This entry will cause the automatic e-mails coming from this project to have the subject line “This mail came from the TestDirector_Demo project.”

To further customize the subject line you can use the following parameters:

•        ?BG_BUG_ID – will be replaced by the Bug ID.

•        ?DB – will be replaced by the database name, which is the name of the TestDirector project.

•        ?BG_PROJECT – will be replaced by the project name. This refers to the defect’s “Project” field that is taken from the user-defined list of projects.

•        ?SERVER – will be replaced by the server name.

Note: You can include other fields in the subject line by adding parameters with the following format:

?FIELDNAME (must be uppercase)



TestDirector_Demo = Defect #?BG_BUG_ID from ?BG_PROJECT has been updated. Please log in to ?DB on ?Server

The subject line of any automatic mail sent from TestDirector_Demo will read:

“Defect #<Defect ID> from <Project Name> has been updated. Please log in to TestDirector_Demo on <Server Name>”

The parts in the <> brackets are dependant on the defect being sent and the name of the TestDirector server.

NOTE A restart of the TestDirector Server is required before the new settings will take effect. This can be accomplished by right clicking on the TestDirector Icon in the System Tray and selecting Stop TestDirector. To restart the server, right click on the same icon and select Start TestDirector. If the TestDirector icon is not visible in the system tray, please refer to Problem ID 22706 – TestDirector icon does not appear in the system tray when using terminal services.