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List of CBIR engines

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is a list of publicly available Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) engines, these image search engines look at the content (pixels) of their images in order to return results that match a particular query.

Commercial CBIR search engines[edit]

Name Description External Image Query Metadata Query Index Size (Estimate, Millions of Images) Organization Type License (Open/Closed)
Picalike CBIR engine for Mobile and eCommerce No No (additional filters can be added)   Private Company Closed
Elastic Vision Smart image searcher with content-based clustering in a visual network. No No   Private Company Closed
Google Image Search Google’s CBIR system, note: does not work on all images Yes Yes   Public Company Closed
Yandex Image Search Yandex CBIR system Yes Yes 10000M Public Company Closed
Baidu Image Search Baidu’s CBIR system Yes Yes 1000M Public Company Closed
ID My Pill Automatic prescription pill identification (CBIR) Yes No   Private Company Open (via API)
Imense Image Search Portal CBIR search engine, by Imense. No Yes 3M Private Company Closed
Imprezzeo Image Search CBIR search engine, by Imprezzeo. No Yes   Private Company Closed
Visual Image Search CBIR search engine, by pixolution Yes No 10M Private Company Closed
Incogna Image Search CBIR search engine, by Incogna Inc. No Yes 100M Private Company Closed
Like.com Shopping & fashion based CBIR engine No Yes 1M Private Company Closed
Chic Engine Visual fashion search engine (CBIR) Yes No   Private Company Closed
MiPai similarity search engine Online similarity search engine Yes Yes 100M Individual Closed
Piximilar Demo engine, developed by Idee Inc. No No 3M Private Company1 Closed
Empora Product comparison & shopping using CBIR for product images. Previously known as Pixsta No Yes 0.5M Private Company Closed
Shopachu Shopping & fashion CBIR engine, by Incogna Inc. No Yes 1M Private Company Closed
TinEye CBIR site for finding variations of web images, by Idee Inc. Yes No 1800M Private Company Closed
Tiltomo CBIR system using Flickr photos No Yes   Private Company Closed
eBay Image Search Image Search for eBay Fashion No Yes 20M Public Company Closed
Visual Recognition Factory Visual Recognition Factory Yes Yes   Private Company Closed
IMMENSELAB CBIR search engine byKBKGROUP. Yes No 10M Private Company Closed
Macroglossa Visual Search CBIR visual search engine Yes No   Private Company Closed
NoClone PC image search engine and classification based on content Yes (a set) No   Private Company Closed

CBIR research projects/demos/open source projects[edit]

Name Description External Image Query Metadata Query Index Size (Estimate, Millions of Images) Organization Type License (Open/Closed)
akiwi akiwi is a semi-automatic image keywording
tool using CBIR techniques. It was developed
by HTW Berlin / pixolution GmbH
Yes Yes 15M University Closed
ALIPR Developed by Penn State University researchers Yes Yes   University Closed
Anaktisi This Web-Solution implements a new family
of CBIR descriptors. These descriptors
combine in one histogram color and texture
information and are suitable for accurately
retrieving images.
Yes No 0.225M University Open
BRISC BRISC is a recursive acronym for BRISC
Really IS Cool, and is (conveniently enough)
 also an anagram of Content-Based Image
Retrieval System.
Yes No   University GPL
Caliph & Emir Creation and Retrieval of images based
on MPEG-7.
Yes No Desktop-based University GPL
FIRE Open source query by visual example
CBIR system. Developed at RWTH
Aachen University. FIRE is a research
 system developed with extensibility
 in mind and can easily be combined
with textual information retrieval systems.
No No   University Open
GNU Image Finding Tool Query by example image search system. Yes No Desktop-based GNU GPL
ISSBP Similar Image Search by Imense plugin
 for Adobe Bridge, free beta.
Yes Yes free-beta limited to 4k images Private Company Closed
img(Rummager) Image retrieval Engine (Freeware Application). Yes No Desktop-based Individual Closed
imgSeek photo collection manager and viewer with
content-based search and many other features.
Yes No   Individual GPL
IKONA Generic CBIR system – INRIA – IMEDIA Yes Yes   University Closed
IOSB Image retrieval demonstration software of
Fraunhofer IOSB (Germany)
Yes No Desktop-based Research Institute Closed
LIRE Java GPL library for content based image
retrieval based on Lucene including
multiple low level global and local features
 and different indexing strategies including
 bag of visual words and hashing.
Yes Yes   University GPL
Lucignolo Image similarity search engine using only
 the native full-text search engine Lucene.
Yes Yes 106M Research Institute Closed
MIFile Image similarity search engine based on
MI File (Metric Inverted File) developed
at ISTI-CNR. Source code of the MI File.
No No 106M Research Institute Open
MUVIS CBIR System at TUT- Tampere University of
Yes No Desktop-based University Closed
PIRIA CBIR tool developed at CEA-LIST, LIVIC (Vision
and Content Engineering Laboratory).
Yes Yes 130M University Closed
PicsLikeThat Image search using visual similarity search
and sorting combined with a recommender
system. (Cooperation of pixolution, fotolia and
 HTW Berlin)
No No 12M University Closed
Pixcavator Similar image search based on topological
image analysis
Yes No Desktop-based Private company Closed
pixolu visual & semantic image search engine, by
 pixolution GmbH & HTW Berlin.
Yes No   Private Company / University Closed
QuickLook Visual information retrieval system with
relevance feedback
No Yes   University Closed
RETIN Interactive images retrieval system – CNRS –
 ETIS Lab., MIDI Team
No No   University Closed
Retrievr Search and explore in a selection of Flickr
images by drawing a rough
sketch or uploading an image.
No No   University Closed
SIMBA demo of system by the Albert-Ludwigs-
Universitet Freiburg (Germany) Inst.
 for Pattern Recognition and Image Processing
Yes No 0.002M University Closed
TagProp The demonstration of image annotation tool
TagProp in ICCV2009 for image set: Corel
5k ESP Game IAPR TC-12 and MIR Flickr.
No Yes   Institute Closed
VIRaL Visual Image Retrieval and Localization:
A visual search engine that, given a query
 image, retrieves photos depicting the same
 object or scene under varying viewpoint or
 lighting conditions. Using Flickr photos
of urban scenes, it automatically estimates
where a picture is taken, suggests tags,
 identifies known landmarks or points of
interest, and links to relevant Wikipedia
articles. It currently supports 39 cities
around the world.
Yes Yes 2.221M University Closed
Windsurf A general framework for efficiently processing
content-based image queries with particular
emphasis to the region-based paradigm;
it provides an environment where different
alternatives of the paradigm can be implemented, allowing such implementations to be compared
on a fair basis, from the points of view of both effectiveness and efficiency.
Yes No   University Closed
PIBE An adaptive image browsing system that
provides users with an intuitive, easy-to-use,
structured view of an image collection and
complements it with ideas from the field of
adaptable content-based similarity search.
A hierarchical view of images (the Browsing
Tree) that can be customized
according to user preferences is provided.
Yes No   University Closed
SHIATSU A novel system for automatic video tagging which
is based on shot boundaries detection and
hierarchical annotation processes.
The tagging phase assigns semantic concepts
 to both shot sequences and whole videos,
by exploiting visual features extracted from
 key frames.
Yes Yes   University Closed

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