//查询所有表名 select name from sysobjects where xtype=’u’ –modify_date指表结构最后更新日期,并非数据最后更新日期
SELECT     name, object_id, principal_id, schema_id, parent_object_id, type, type_desc, create_date, modify_date, is_ms_shipped, is_published,
                      is_schema_published, lob_data_space_id, filestream_data_space_id, max_column_id_used, lock_on_bulk_load, uses_ansi_nulls, is_replicated,
                      has_replication_filter, is_merge_published, is_sync_tran_subscribed, has_unchecked_assembly_data, text_in_row_limit,
FROM         sys.tables ORDER BY modify_date DESC

SELECT     a.name, b.rows
FROM         sys.sysobjects AS a INNER JOIN
                      sys.sysindexes AS b ON a.id = b.id
WHERE     (b.indid IN (0, 1)) AND (a.type = ‘u’)
ORDER BY a.name, b.rows DESC

SELECT     OBJECT_NAME(id) AS tablename, 8 * reserved / 1024 AS reserved, RTRIM(8 * dpages) + ‘kb’ AS used, 8 * (reserved – dpages) / 1024 AS unused,
                      8 * dpages / 1024 – rows / 1024 * minlen / 1024 AS free
FROM         sys.sysindexes
WHERE     (indid = 1)
ORDER BY tablename, reserved DESC

SELECT Name FROM Master..SysDatabases ORDER BY Name

SELECT Name FROM SysObjects Where XType=’U’ ORDER BY Name


SELECT (case when a.colorder=1 then d.name else null end) 表名,  
a.colorder 字段序号,a.name 字段名,
(case when COLUMNPROPERTY( a.id,a.name,’IsIdentity’)=1 then ‘√’else ” end) 标识,
(case when (SELECT count(*) FROM sysobjects  
WHERE (name in (SELECT name FROM sysindexes  
WHERE (id = a.id) AND (indid in  
(SELECT indid FROM sysindexkeys  
WHERE (id = a.id) AND (colid in  
(SELECT colid FROM syscolumns WHERE (id = a.id) AND (name = a.name)))))))  
AND (xtype = ‘PK’))>0 then ‘√’ else ” end) 主键,b.name 类型,a.length 占用字节数,  
COLUMNPROPERTY(a.id,a.name,’PRECISION’) as 长度,  
isnull(COLUMNPROPERTY(a.id,a.name,’Scale’),0) as 小数位数,(case when a.isnullable=1 then ‘√’else ” end) 允许空,  
isnull(e.text,”) 默认值,isnull(g.[value], ‘ ‘) AS [说明]
FROM  syscolumns a
left join systypes b on a.xtype=b.xusertype  
inner join sysobjects d on a.id=d.id and d.xtype=’U’ and d.name<>’dtproperties’
left join syscomments e on a.cdefault=e.id  
left join sys.extended_properties g on a.id=g.major_id AND a.colid=g.minor_id
left join sys.extended_properties f on d.id=f.class and f.minor_id=0
where b.name is not null
–WHERE d.name=’要查询的表’ –如果只查询指定表,加上此条件
order by a.id,a.colorder

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